Henry Wieler’s journal entries are unedited from the translation given from German to Volga GermansEnglish , & on occasion the actual documents ( the copies of ) indicate the translators notes. Here however the editors narrative is written in these italics for easy distinction between the narration and the actual unedited excerpts. Most of ‘the Ghost’ was written in real time as Henry reflected on his thoughts, throughout, or at the end of each day, however Henry began by reflecting , intent on telling his story from the very beginning as to give the fullest and truest account of his life.

This is an unedited work which was translated from the Gothic Scripted German original journals of the teacher, Henry Wieler. He was graphically talented & the journals are a work of art. It has not been filtered in any way and what he wrote is what you will read. It will be followed by additional works as they become available. The translation work is tedious & ongoing.