“Read the actual descriptions as recorded by Henry as he lived through those troubling times”

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A Volga German teacher describes his family life as the Russian Revolution approaches. He writes giving details of everyday school & family life along with his reactions to church services & sermons. His wife works as a midwife & bone setter while running the household. As World War I rages, their Russian neighbors look unfavorably upon the Volga Germans. cover


Russian History

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The  Ghost of Henry Wieler  Ebook is authentic & true to content as transcribed & translated from the original scripted German.  Sometimes when Henry had written in separate columns the translator did the positioning as near as possible to the original.

This journal was translated in sections & compiled when the volume translation was completed. This was to be done as accurately as possible, sometimes with a loss of context.

Henry did make notations & entries at times which were difficult to follow due to his fear of the government authorities finding the journals. Any journals kept during that troubling period in Russia were considered a threat to the government and those caught were subject to severe penalties.  It was revealed that Henry at times hid the journals in his garden to keep them from the authorities.

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